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A Gateway To Wellbeing Within The Public Realm

In today’s hectic world of the Internet, News and Covid-19, it’s never been more important to take ten minutes for your own mental health.

TTM provides the opportunity to engage in wellbeing exercises outdoors in parks and public spaces. Whether walking the dog, taking a stroll on your lunch break, or walking through your local park, our free exercises can enhance your life.  

Why Take Ten Minutes? 

Everyone has the ability to access information on mental wellbeing. However, at home and work, there are barriers. The TTM project seeks to overcome these barriers by engaging people in parks and public spaces.

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Green spaces
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TTM in action

TTM teamed up with Urban Green Newcastle to create a Gateway to Mindfulness exercises across parks in Newcastle. Check out this video to see TTM in action. 

Why mindfulness?

Being mindful refers to being aware of what is going on inside and outside ourselves, moment by moment. It is about understanding how our thoughts can drive our emotions and behaviours and prevent overreaction and the feeling of being overwhelmed in our current situation.

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