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What is Take Ten Minutes?

Take Ten Minutes, is a movement designed to champion the benefits of mindfulness exercise within the public domain.

We’ve installed mindfulness totems across the country in public and private spaces such as parks, train stations, schools and workplaces, that allow anyone to access our 10 minute mindfulness exercises.

What if I am not near a totem, can I access the exercises anyway?

​Yes, the idea of Take Ten Minutes is to encourage people to engage in mindfulness whenever and however fits best with their daily lifestyle and routine. You can directly access the recordings whenever you want and select the best exercise for you here.

How do I access the mindfulness exercises?

The mindfulness recordings are all available via the Take Ten Minutes website. Our totems are positioned across various public spaces nationwide. The totems will give more information about the mindfulness exercise that best suits that outdoor space and provide a QR code that you can scan using your smart phone which will link to the appropriate exercise on the TTM website. For example, if you are in a park and you come across a Take Ten Minutes totem, you may see a mindfulness exercise related to a walk within the park and a QR code that will take you directly to the exercise to download on our website. You can search locations of your nearest totem here. You will need to sign-up or register to access the recordings but all the exercises are free to all users.

How much will it cost me?

The mindfulness exercises are free to all users. Take Ten Minutes is a movement rather than a product, we aim to educate the public that it is possible to take control of anxious and negative thoughts through the process of mindfulness, and that it can be incorporated into daily routines and enhanced through practicing exercises within outdoor settings.

How will mindfulness help me?

Mindfulness allows you to apply control of your thoughts and emotions within a difficult or stressful situation. It doesn’t just change your mindset or perspective, it actually has been shown to change the physical function of our brain so we move towards more positive thoughts and emotions in everyday situations. A reduction in negative and unhelpful thoughts, and a move towards positive thinking and emotions reduces stress, depression, anxiety, and is associated with better mental and physical health all round.  Find out more here

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