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Hi there,

Parks and green spaces play a vital role in the health of our communities. I find being outdoors, within nature, is the perfect remedy for my brain when it is whirring. I regularly combine my walks with wellbeing exercises such as meditation which greatly improves my mental health.    

Whilst walking in my local park during Lockdown, I was struck by the thought that everyone could benefit from free access to wellbeing exercises in parks. This was the start of the “Take Ten Minutes” project. We hope that the TTM Totem can act as your gateway to improved mental health whilst you enjoy our great outdoors.  






Hugo Ross, Founder and Campaign Manager.


Our story

Thanks for visiting Take Ten Minutes. It’s great you’re interested as it’s never been more important to look after your mental and physical well-being. The Covid-19 Pandemic and Lock down has shown us the value of our local parks and public spaces on our mental health.

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